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Trust Services

Providing independent administrative trustee services to our clients across the nation.

Wealth and estate planning are frequently integral aspects of a financial strategy aimed at protecting and preserving client assets and peace of mind. Many clients face challenging issues such as transferring ownership of a family business, caring for a family member unable to manage their own affairs, or minimizing income and estate taxes for themselves and heirs. For others, creating family foundations, establishing gifting programs, guardianships, and charitable trusts are significant.

Newport Investors tradition of developing imaginative and individualized solutions can simplify client lives, making their financial objectives attainable and achievable. Industry professionals with deep knowledge of fiduciary practices and a sensitivity toward 21st-century economic realities work in tandem with client’s counsel, insurance specialists, and knowledgeable advisors, to provide attentive service and tailored advice that is prompt, reliable, and technically sound.

How Newport Investors provides independent trustee services to our clients across the nation

Whether your goal is to leave a legacy for the people and causes you care about, carry out the responsibilities you have assumed as a trustee or executor, or ease the burden on others in the event of incapacity, Newport Investors is here to help in many ways.

  • Supporting your role as trustee (personal trusts, Nevada specific trusts, self-directed IRAs)
  • Integrating IRAs and 401(k)’s into your wealth transfer plans
  • Integrating nonfinancial assets (real estate, private business interests, oil and gas interests, timberland or farm and ranch land as well as day-to-day management services)
  • Addressing philanthropic goals (Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Lead Trust)
  • Administering and settling an estate

Collaborate with your personal advisors to guide the wealth transfer process

Newport Investors will educate you and your family about trusts and can carry out your estate plan as executor and trustee. Having served multiple generations of families, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to handle trusts and estates with sensitivity and the highest level of professionalism. We can work closely with you, your family and your advisors to administer your estate plan both during and after your lifetime.

Your advisors at Newport Investors work with you on an approach designed to provide the specific services you need in the way that works for you. The result is a relationship supported by the investment insights and deep fiduciary experience of Newport Investors – a relationship dedicated to helping you address your unique goals and priorities.

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